Harmony 02 with Sunset Thunder: Eternal Peace




It was only a few months ago that I discovered this music and within a minute of listening it had taken me away to a place of peace and purity. It felt transcendent.

I’ve added some nature sounds to enhance the effects, and because the 15 minute track was so peaceful, and looped so perfectly, I created this extra long version so you can use it for sleep or just background music to chill or work to.

I hope you like it.



Harmony mix of the week

Ethereal strings with gentle improvised clarinet, mixed with the sounds of Sunset Thunder:

As you sit on the beach watching the last rays of the sun as it disappears over the horizon, the air is filled with the sounds of distant thunder, seagulls and crickets. A light wind constantly blows with the occasional gust of wind across the beach.

Music by Thomas Reidel and released under a Creative Commons license.

These 3 albums have now been added to the Harmony Mixer.



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