Harmony 04 with Schumann Resonance: Flute Dreamer




This week we feature a track from the beautiful Flute Dreamer album from Chris Conway mixed with the sounds of a forest waterfall and the Schumann Resonance brainwave entrainment.

The music comes from the Paradise music record label. Paradise music have joined up with the Harmony Mixer so we’re excited to bring many more of their albums to the mixer. Already members can access the award-winning Reiki Gold and Native American Prayer. Coming soon are Ayurveda Gold, Buddha Dreamer and Native American Gold.

Sign up to the Harmony Mixer for free and you can hear the full 50 minute Schumann Resonance: Flute Dreamer album for free this week.

Talking of the Harmony Mixer, I’ve had a few people ask about the pricing:


Harmony Mixer Pricing

When you sign up for your free Harmony Mixer account you’ll be able to access over 1000 demos and 36 full albums.

If you like it, upgrade by pressing the Pricing button in the members area and choose a plan.

For just $9.95 a month ($8 a month if you pay yearly), you’ll get full streaming access to all 1500+ albums. New albums are added every week.

You’ll also be able to download an album of your choice every week ($50 monthly value), and you can create and save your own mixes.


Harmony Mix of the week

Music by Chris Conway and licensed with Paradise Music.

And mixed with theta BWE at the Schumann Resonance frequency, or 7.83 Hz. Research done with Zen meditators shows that 7.83 is a significant frequency, and other research indicates that stimulating the Schumann frequency results in more blood flow in the brain than any other frequency.

Benefits are said to include: enhanced reading/learning, rejuvenation, grounding, ESP activation, anti-jetlag, anti-mind control and improved stress tolerance. It can also help you feel balanced, grounded, whilst calming and focusing the mind.


What’s new in the Harmony Mixer?

It’s a flute week special with Flute Dreamer and its 2 mixes, plus Christmas Old and New: Simple and peaceful arrangements of brand new and traditional Christmas carols for flute accompanied by strings and things.

All these albums have been added this week to the mixer…


Sign up for a free account at the Harmony Mixer and you can hear demos of all these albums plus this week hear Schumann Resonance: Flute Dreamer in full for free.

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6 thoughts on “Harmony 04 with Schumann Resonance: Flute Dreamer

  1. Beverly Wengstrom says:

    I read that the Schumann Resonance has recently risen from the usual 7.83 Hz to nearly triple that. Does your music still have the same effects that you describe?

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