Harmony 06 with Deep Theta: My Heart Calls Out To You with Think Rich Triliminals




First of all I want to wish you a very happy and healthy new year. I have lots of great mixes lined up for you this year (yes, I am finally getting myself organized!) …I want to do all I can to help you enjoy a productive, happy and peaceful 2017.

This is one of my main goals this year – to be more organized so I can serve you better than last year. Let me know how I can help you…

If there is something you’d like to hear – perhaps a certain genre of music, or a specific brainwave entrainment program, or different affirmations, please do let me know in the comments section below.

In fact my main goal this year is to simply be a better person than I was in 2016. A better dad, husband, brother, friend …and I suppose son-in-law – only joking, my mother-in-law is great. And I’m not writing that in case she reads this. She is Romanian and doesn’t speak/read any English. And I only know about 100 Romanian words …which is probably why we get on so well! 😉


A tribute

On a serious note, I was saddened by the death of George Michael on Christmas Day – such an amazing singer and songwriter. I created this tribute video.

The following 10 tribute covers were all posted on the internet in the week following George’s death:


New Year Sale

To help get your new year started, we’ve just launched a brand new sale at our Mind Power mp3 store.

This year will be Super Mind Music’s 7th birthday, so to celebrate, all of the albums at the store have been reduced to $7 (for a short while). You’ll find albums that help with creativity and focus, relaxation, healing, success and happiness.

Not only that, you can get up to 12 albums for free, for instance, buy any album and you’ll get the full 45 minute Deep Theta: My Heart Calls Out To You for free. You can hear the 1st 3 tracks of this album in this week’s mix…


Harmony Mix of the week

Enjoy the sounds of an Autumn Forest mixed with beautiful modern classical music, deep Theta brainwave entrainment and Think Rich triliminals.

And of course, this full album, plus other exclusive mixes have been added this week to the Harmony Mixer (see below).

If you’re serious about making 2017 a special year, why don’t you try out the mixer?

Here’s just a few ways it will help you:

  • Be more productive and successful – You’ll find hundreds of music albums mixed with BWE to help boost your focus, creativity and thinking.
  • Be more relaxed and stress-free – There’s hundreds of relaxation and meditation albums
  • Be happier and healthier – There’s also hundreds of Delta albums to help with sleep and healing

Although we’ve only recently launched, we’ve already received many rave reviews – you can read some of them through the green triangle banner in the top right of your screen.


Here’s all you need to do to make 2017 special:

  1. Go to the Harmony Mixer site and sign up for your free account.
  2. Visit the pricing page and choose a plan – e.g for just $9.95 a month you’ll get unlimited streaming to all 1600+ albums + you can create and save your own mixes (if you’re a bit of a music/BWE/personal growth nerd like me you’ll love this bit!) + you get to download an album of your choice EVERY week. (i.e pay just $2.49 per album and you get all the free streaming and mixing)
  3. There’s no contracts or commitments. You can cancel at any time and you can try this plan for 7 days for just $1
  4. There’s other plans available including one with unlimited streaming and UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS! (This premium plan includes no monthly subscriptions and you’ll get to download all future albums too).
  5. Or you can also just sign up for a free account and buy some download credits. For example, currently you can get 20 downloads for just $67 (Pay just $3.35 per album of your choice – There’s over 1000 to choose from).

Sign up for your free account at the Harmony Mixer here


This is what’s been added to the Harmony Mixer in the last 2 weeks:

Sign up for your free account at the Harmony Mixer here


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