How to hear ALL of our albums (1500+) …and create your own mixes…

The Harmony Mixerfor advanced users

sideimage1aThe Harmony Mixer is our revolutionary audio system that helps you:

  1. Boost your brain power in a fun way: Improve your memory, creativity, focus, learning and efficiency in a unique and enjoyable way
  2. Accelerate personal growth: Program your mind to help overcome fears and improve your success, abundance, relationships and health
  3. Relax quickly and deeply: Slow your brainwaves to experience quick relaxation (and sleep) for stress relief and rejuvenation
  4. Experience profound well-being: Resonate in harmony with nature by tuning into frequencies that unify light, time, sound and matter

You’ll be able to hear over 1500 albums of our albums in full  – including ALL the albums on this website.(New albums are added weekly).

You can listen to the albums on your smartphone, tablet and computer.

You can download your favorite albums …and you can create and save your own customized mixes using the built in mixer.

Although we’ve only recently launched, we’ve already received many rave reviews – you can read some of them through the green triangle banner in the top right of your screen.


Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for a free account through the link below.
  2. This will give you full free access to around 30 albums plus you can hear short demos from around 1000 other albums.
  3. If you like what you see/hear you can upgrade and choose a plan …including a lifetime plan that gives you unlimited downloads and streaming for a one off fee.

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