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    The Think Rich System

    $97.00 $57.00

    21 albums including 10 albums mixed with Think Rich Triliminals for more success and abundance. Each album also contains different music and BWE to help with focus, creativity, clarity, energy, relaxation, grounding, meditation, sleep, healing and intuition. You also get 11 albums with just the BWE and no triliminals. Hear full tracks for free.

  • sf-beet
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    Creative Focus Plus: Beethoven Symphony Collection


    Get all 9 Beethoven symphonies in full mixed with strong Creative Focus BWE that stimulates creativity but also keeps you awake and alert.

  • schumpiano
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    Schumann Resonance: Piano Collection

    $99.95 $67.00

    Get 9 Schumann Resonance BWE Piano albums plus 9 bonus albums with BWE and Right Thinking affirmations.

  • rt-piano
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    Right Thinking – Piano Collection

    $149.95 $75.00

    Get 9 Right Thinking piano albums and all the bonus mixes. 45 Albums in total.