Schumann Resonance: The Best of Piano Moods

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One hour of stunning contemporary piano pieces by various artists mixed with the Schumann Resonance for rejuvenation, grounding and enhanced reading and learning. Comes with a bonus BWE mix with Right thinking affirmations.

Product Description

Schumann Resonance: The Best of Piano Moods (Demo)

The Best of Piano Moods: Right Thinking – BWE (Demo)

Our favorite tracks from all the previous Piano Moods albums, including 3 brand new tracks. One hour of stunning contemporary piano pieces by various artists.

This is a session which ramps down to the Schumann Resonance frequency, or 7.83 Hz. Research done with Zen meditators shows that 7.83 is a significant frequency, and other research indicates that stimulating the Schumann frequency results in more blood flow in the brain than any other frequency.

Benefits are said to include: enhanced reading/learning, rejuvenation, grounding, ESP activation, anti-jetlag, anti-mind control and improved stress tolerance. It can also help you feel balanced, grounded, whilst calming and focusing the mind.

Use this session in a quiet, comfortable place, free of distraction, in a chair or lying down. Your eyes should be closed. The session can be used with or without headphones. If you are in a noisy environment, it is recommended to use headphones.

Also comes with a bonus mix – The Best of Piano Moods with Schumann Resonance BWE and low volume Right Thinking affirmations. What is right thinking?

Music by various artists and licensed by AudioMicro and Royaltyfreemusic


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