What is 432 Hz music and why is it so important?

The short answer:

There is a pattern of numbers that show everywhere in nature – time, light, sound and matter. These are called the most harmonic numbers.

When we tune music to A=432 Hz, all of the musical notes in this scale change, from the irregular numbers in the standard A=440 Hz tuning, to these same pattern of numbers in nature.

Experiments have shown that when we listen to 432 Hz music it has positive effects on our consciousness and health. We get back into harmony with nature and it strengthens our connection with God [1].


The long answer:


The current musical tuning standard is A=440 Hz

The American Federation of Musicians accepted the A=440 Hz as the standard pitch in 1917. It was accepted by the US government in 1920 and became the international standard concert pitch in 1953…

…this was despite a poll of tens of thousands of classical musicians voting unanimously for A=432 Hz tuned music.

Why did they vote for 432 hz music?

It may have been because the famous classical composer Verdi proposed this tuning as the new standard pitch in 1885., or maybe because the original Stradivarius violin was designed to be tuned at 432 Hz (according to many researchers)…

…but it goes much deeper than that, because as you’re about to discover…

…the musical scale that includes A=432 Hz includes frequencies that unify matter, time, sound and light.

It’s the scale that unites our physical bodies and consciousness with nature, and this has been known for a very long time…

Ancient musical instruments were tuned to A=432 Hz and many ancient sacred sites around the world are encoded with the number 432

Before we look at the A=432 Hz scale in more detail, let’s go back to the current A=440Hz scale.


Frequencies of notes in the A-=440 Hz Scale [2] frequencies of notes in A 440Hz scale

As you can see the note A is the only note that produces whole numbers (220, 440 etc).

All the other numbers are irregular, and none of the numbers have any relevance to anything related to nature.

Although listening to your favorite music played in this tuning does have some benefits, such as stress relief and mood enhancement, on a deeper level 440Hz music may generate some negative effects on human behavior and consciousness because it is out of sync with nature.

On the other hand, playing 432Hz tuned music generates positive effects on our behavior, health and consciousness because it is in harmony with nature.


The A=432 Hz Musical scale

There are a few ways to calculate this so we’ll look at the 2 most important scales – Pythagorean and Ptolemy tuning and compare them to the 440Hz scale.

440 hz v 432 hz

The first thing you may notice is that when A=432 all of the main notes are now whole numbers.

Not only that, all of the main notes in the A=432 Hz scale are found in the most harmonics numbers chart.




How the table works

  • The column down starts at 1 and is then 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 etc
  • The row across starts at 1 and is then 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 etc
  • The numbers in the middle are the sums of the columns and rows multiplied e.g 432 is 16 x 27

In the first column we can see 256 highlighted. This is note C from the A=432Hz musical scale …and so is every other number in this column. When you double the number to 512, 1024 etc, you are going up an octave each time. Likewise, halving the number to 128, 64 etc is going down an octave each time.

In the 2nd column every note is G in the A=432Hz scale.

Every number in the 3rd column is the note D, and so on.

Every number in this table corresponds to a note in the A=432Hz scale.

Could this also mean that the A432 musical scale is the most harmonious? i.e ”tuneful, ‘sweet-sounding’?


All of the notes in the A=432Hz scale are the most harmonic numbers.


How does the A=432Hz scale fit in with matter, time, sound and light?

Let’s look at matter first…


A) Matter

i) 3D Geometry

platonic solids

The 5 platonic solids are said to be the building blocks of matter. These figures and their different combinations, reveal every possible molecular structure and every possible geometrical law, forming our physical reality.

When you add up all the angles within these 3D shapes you get:

  • Tetrahedron 180 x 4 = 720 which is Note F# in the A432Hz musical scale (an octave above 360)
  • Cube (360 x 6) 2160* (Note A)
  • Octahedron 1440* (Note D)
  • Dodecahedron 6480* (Note E)
  • Icosahedron 3600* (Note F#)

* You may think that 1440 can not be musically harmonious with 144 (note D), but it is. If you multiply a frequency by 10 you will get it’s 10th harmonic overtone which is 3 octaves + a major third, so adding or removing 0’s is no problem at all from a musical and harmonic point of view. [3]


Every platonic solid’s total angles, the building blocks of creation, are numbers found in the A=432 Hz musical scale.


ii) Sacred geometry

Whilst the platonic solids are the building blocks, these sacred patterns are said to be the patterns of creation:


The Seed of Life is 1 center circle with 6 circles around it

sacred geomtery

  • 1 circle 360 (Note F# in the A=432Hz scale)
  • 2 circles 720 (Note F#)
  • 3 circles 1080 (Note A)
  • 4 circles 1440 (Note D)
  • 5 circles 1800 (Note F#)
  • 6 circles 2160 (Note A)

The Fruit of life is 13 circles = 4680 (Note B)



The total angles in the patterns of creation, are numbers found in the A=432 Hz musical scale.


B) Time

There are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour. 60 is Note B in the A=432Hz scale.

60 x 60 = 3600 seconds in an hour (Note F#)

3600 x 24 hours in a day = 86400 seconds in a day (43200 seconds in 12 hours) (Note A)


Seconds, minutes, hours and days are all numbers found in the A=432 Hz musical scale

Also 60 (seconds or minutes) x 432 = 25920 = a great year or platonic year


“You may for example be thinking that the second is just a “random man-made measure” and that using it in this way makes no sense, but the fact of the matter is that the second is not random at all. The second was first defined as 1/86.400 of one solar day (86400 sec = 24 hours) … Nowadays it is measured using atomic clocks which use the transitional rate of certain atoms to define the second using the fundamental properties of nature as a base of reference, so it seems like the second really is based on nature after all.” mathemagicalmusic.weebly.com


C) Sound

…and of course all of the musical notes within the A=432Hz musical scale are frequencies measured in Hz, where 1 Hz = 1 vibration per second so…


…the numbers as sound frequencies are based on nature too.


D) Light

432 x 432 = 186624 – within 0.001% of the speed of light

(This slight discrepancy may be due to the way we currently measure distance – 1 ancient pyramid inch = 1.0011 present inches)


How does this scale effect us?

Ok so we’ve seen how the notes in the A=432hz musical scale are directly related to matter, time, sound and light …but how does this scale effect us?

Maria Renold, a music researcher, was one of the first people to re-discover the benefits of A=432 Hz tuning.

Maria also carried out a simple experiment on 2000 people from the USA, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. She played single tones from the A=440Hz scale and the A=432Hz scale.

Over 90% of people disliked the tones from the A=440Hz scale calling them ‘uncomfortable’, ‘oppressive’, ‘irritating’ and ‘aggressive’.

The 90% of people who preferred the tones from the A=432Hz scale said, ‘it belonged to the human being’, ‘had light’, ‘peaceful’, ‘sounded correct and complete’, ‘harmonized with the human being’, and ‘gave a sense of well being’ [4]

She released a book in 1985 called Intervals, scales, tones with…


…conclusive evidence that A=440Hz music disassociates the connections of consciousness to the body and creates anti-social conditions in humanity. Whereas music tuned to A=432Hz had a positive effect on our consciousness and human behavior.


Prince, the pop legend, knew the importance of 432 Hz tuned music...

Prince held a Facebook Q and A less than 2 years before his suspicious death.

He received over 4000 questions questions but answered just one…

“Greetings my dear Brother… Please address the importance of ALL music being tuned to 432 Hz sound frequencies??? Thanks in advance!!! Warmest regards, Emanuel”

To which Prince responded by writing “The Gold Standard” and sharing a link to a story about why you should convert your music to 432 Hz. [5]



When A=432Hz, all the other notes in the 432 musical scale are whole numbers and found in the most harmonic numbers chart.

All the numbers that appear in the building blocks of life, sound, time and light are also found in the most harmonic numbers chart.

The most harmonics numbers chart is the A=432 Hz musical scale.

In other words, there is a pattern of numbers that show everywhere in creation and when we play music tuned to A=432Hz, the music is resonating with these numbers of nature.

This means the creation of our 3D reality and 432 Hz music are interlinked …the implications of this are HUGE… It is the tuning of the song of creation

When we listen to 432 Hz music we get back into harmony with the world around us, and we strengthen our connection to our creator, and this has positive effects on our consciousness and health.

Listen to 432hz music.

Live in harmony.



[1] https://atrueott.wordpress.com/2014/11/18/432-hz-music-the-spiritual-connection-to-creation/
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piano_key_frequencies
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